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Hassle-free way to schedule and track your dosage

CareDose is a first of its kind medicine management solution that ensures you never miss a dose.

It is a smart and easy way to make sure you take your medicines at the right time, in the right amount, and always refill your medicines at the best prices in the market.

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...or rather, why NOT?

We understand that in this busy lifestyle, it can be difficult at times to keep a track of your health. We at CareDose, let you sit back and relax by managing all your medicines and dosage related needs.

  • Pre-organised Doses

    CareDose sorts your medicine by packing them in pouches as prescribed by your doctor.

    One Dose = One Pouch

  • Labels in your language

    Each pouch has dosage details in your selected language.

  • Ensuring Safety

    CareDose packages every medicine without any tampering. Each medicine strip is cut into single tablets, keeping its original packaging intact.

  • Timely Refills

    We make sure you never run out of medicines by confirming and delivering your next refill right to your doorstep.


You Share

Share your prescription with us through our app or over WhatsApp.

We CareDose

CareDose sources your medicines from certified pharmacy partners and packages them in separate dose pouches as per your prescription(s) using an automated robot.

We Deliver and Re-fill

Medicines are delivered to your doorstep within 24 hours (or your first order is on us*).

What Caredose users say?


How we made this possible?

To ensure zero human error, we organize your medicines via DoseDroid, a packaging robot that sorts and pouches your medicines as per your prescription(s). It has in-built quality controls to ensure that medicines are packed correctly.


CareDose has received huge appreciation
in the healthcare industry for its
innovative and user-friendly ecosystem.