Q. What is CAREDOSE?

CAREDOSE is the easiest way to buy and manage your medicines. Just download our App and share your prescription to get started.

  • Your medicines are delivered pre-organised by dose
  • Each dose is labelled in your choice of language
  • You get automated alerts for dose reminders and refill deliveries  
  • Your medicines are provided at a discount of Upto 20%
  • You earn rewards & higher discounts for taking your medicines the right way

With CAREDOSE, take the right dose at the right time in the right way!

Q. How does CAREDOSE help me?

The CAREDOSE service has multiple benefits

  • Pre-organised & labeled doses so you always take the right medicine
  • Dose alerts so you never forget to take your dose
  • Automated refills so you never run out of your medicines
  • Competitive discounts so you can contain your healthcare expenditure
  • Rewards & higher discounts so you are motivated to take your medicines as prescribed
  • App sync with caregivers so they can easily manage your medicines, remotely
  • Eco friendly packaging
  • App sync with your doctor so your health date is shared with your doctor if you want it to
  • Many more…

Q. How does CAREDOSE help me if I am managing the medicines of a family member/ loved one?

CAREDOSE helps you ensure that your loved ones adhere to their medication, even if you are not living with them.

  • Pre-organised & labeled doses ensures that they always take the right medicine
  • Labeling options in multiple languages allows anyone to manage their medicines, even the house help
  • Dose & adherence alerts sent to you via the app help you keep track
  • Automated refill deliveries ensures you don’t have to call/visit the pharmacy every month

Q. Why do I need CAREDOSE?

Managing regular medication can be confusing, time consuming and prone to errors. This can lead to medicine non-adherence, which includes

  • Missing doses
  • Not taking it on time
  • Overdosing
  • Taking wrong medicines
  • Not refilling the medicines in time
  • Etc.

Medicine non-adherence can have multiple negative impacts including

  • Medical complications
  • Onset of additional ailments
  • Emergency room visits/ unforeseen hospitalisation
  • Increase in healthcare spend

CAREDOSE is an end to end service that makes it extremely convenient for patients and family members to manage their medicines and helps ensure complete medicine adherence.

Q. Who is CAREDOSE meant for?

CAREDOSE is for anyone on regular or long term medication. This could include chronic patients like people with diabetes, hypertension, etc, post surgery patients, pregnant women or even people on daily vitamins.


Q. How can I track my adherence on the App?

The CAREDOSE App automatically syncs with your CAREDOSE refill and sends you dose alerts as reminders to take your doses on time. It also allows you to respond to the alert and mark your dose as taken on time or late. The app tracks this information and calculates you dose adherence.

In addition to dose adherence, it also tracks your refill adherence which is dependant on if you order your next refill on time or before running out of your current refill

Together the dose adherence and refill adherence make up your total adherence

Q. Is it possible to us one app for multiple people?

Yes, the app allows you to shift between accounts and use it for multiple patients. However, each account needs to be linked to a unique mobile number.

Additionally, incase you don’t have medication but want to manage those of others, you can access the caregiver mode of the app

Q. What are Care Coins?

  • Care Coins is a rewards system created by CAREDOSE to award you for taking your medicines the right way. The Care Coins that you earn can be reimbursed for higher discounts on your medicine refills

Q. How do the Care Coins work?

You get a set number of Care Coins for each step you take towards taking your medication the right way, and refilling your medications on time.

Actions where you can earn coins

  • Marking/ taking your dose On Time: 125 coins
  • Marking/ taking your dose Late: 30 coins
  • Timely confirmation of next refill (6 or more days in advance): 1000 coins
  • Late  confirmation of next refill (less than 6 days in advance): 500 coins
  • Confirming a refill through the app: 500 coins
  • Dose streak (for every 7 days you take on time): 1000 coins
  • 3rd month refill: 5000 coins
  • And more

You can redeem 12000 Care Coins towards a discount on your medicines for your next refill.

We will keep adding new ways for you to redeem Care Coins.

Q. What information is being provided on the app?

The app has been developed to help you stay informed about your medication and take it the right way i.e. exactly as prescribed. Keeping that in mind the following information is available on the app

  • Your medication and dosage schedule along with a copy of all your prescriptions
  • Your doses
  • Date and time
  • Food direction
  • Medicines and quantities
  • Expiry dates
  • Dose alerts (via notifications)
  • Your adherence for the current refill & lifetime figures
  • Your refill orders history and upcoming refill status
  • Information regarding your doctor and caregivers (if any)
  • Messages from your doctor to you (if any)

Q. How can I know which medicine is for which ailment?

  • Your app will soon have a feature which will include details and uses of each of your medicines. Stay tuned for updates!

Q. Can you share details of how to use the App?

  • Using the app is extremely easy, here are a few steps to help you navigate
  • Search for CAREDOSE app on the App Store/Google Play Store
  • Download it and sign up using your name and mobile number
  • Upload a copy of your prescription and the CAREDOSE team will set up your account populated with all your details including prescription, doctors, etc
  • Once you app has been set up, you CAREDOSE refill will be delivered within 24 hours* and your app acts as an ancillary service to help you take your medication as prescribed
  • You can use the app to check your dose timings, respond to the dose reminder alerts, earn Care Coins and medicine discounts, share your progress with your doctor and caregiver, order your medicine details and much more

Getting started

Q. How does it work?

You just need to share your prescription on our app or website, and we will take care of everything else. We

  • Procure medicines from certified and reputed pharmacies who offer competitive discounts
  • Pre-organise and label your medicines according to your prescribed dosage
  • Send dose alerts
  • Manage your refill deliveries
  • Combine multiple prescriptions and create an easy to read & access digitised version of your prescription on your app

Q. Where can I sign-up?

  • You can sign up on our website - or by downloading the CAREDOSE app

Q. What all details do I need to provide you to place the order?

We just need 3 details to get you started

  • Name
  • Mobile number
  • Copy of prescription

Q. How can I share my prescription?

You have a few options to share your prescription

  • App: Download the CAREDOSE app to sign-up & share your prescription
  • Website:
  • WhatsApp: 8587803172

If you have any questions, you can always call us at: 8061914280 or 8587803172 or request for assistance on our App and someone from our team will call you

Q. Who can I sign-up for?

  • You can sign-up for yourself or anyone else who you think would benefit from the service.

Q. How should I proceed if my medicines are frequently changing?

If your medicines are frequently changing then we recommend that you should opt in for a shorter duration of CAREDOSE. Typically, there is a 15 day gap in between 2 doctor visits. Hence, you can opt in for a 15 day CAREDOSE to begin with. You can switch to a 30 day CAREDOSE once your medicines have stabilized.

Orders & Refills

Q. How will you be managing my refill?

Our app will alert you to order the next refill 7 days before your medicines are running out. If that doesn’t work for you then our in-house physicians or pharmacists will call you up 5 days before for the same. We usually deliver the next refill is delivered to you 2 days before your previous one gets over to ensure continuity & convenience for you.

If you need to order your refill in advance, you can always do that via the app or by calling our helpline number

Q. Will someone call before delivering my refill?

Yes, our in-house pharmacist will call you for confirmation before delivering your refill

Q. How can I order my refill?

You can order your refill by going on the order page on our app or calling us on our helpline number

Q. Will you take my order if I am not a Delhi/NCR resident?

Yes we will, but you will just have to bear with the nominal courier charges

Q. Is there any limitation for number of days I can order my refill for?

No, you can order your refill for as many days as you want. However we do recommend a monthly refill tenure/duration, especially for chronic patients and we do have a nominal delivery charge for refill orders less than 30 days.

Q. What is the turn around time for delivery?

  • Delhi/NCR
  • First order is delivered within 24 hours of you sharing the prescription i.e If your order is placed before 8 pm today, then CAREDOSE will be delivered by the end of day tomorrow so that you can start taking medicines via CAREDOSE from day after tomorrow morning.
  • Refill deliveries are automatically managed so that you receive your next refill minimum 2 days before you run out of the ongoing one
  • Outside Delhi/NCR
  • First order depends on the location.
  • Refill deliveries are automatically managed so that you receive your next refill minimum 2 days before you run out of the ongoing one

Q. If I place my order today, when can I start my CAREDOSE?

  • If you place your order & share your prescription by 8:00 pm today, we deliver your CAREDOSE medicines tomorrow so you can start with CAREDOSE from day after tomorrow.

Q. Do you need a copy of my prescription to process my order?

Yes, we do

Q. Do I need to order separately for multiple prescriptions?

No! Our aim is to make managing your medicines easy for you. We can combine multiple prescription in to one order.

Q. How will you package medicines that cannot fit in the CAREDOSE pouches/ are not blister packed tablets or capsules?

When it comes to Syrups, Injections, Half tablets, Bottled tablets, Powders, Gels, etc which don’t fit in caredose pouches, we put a red coloured cardboard square (FLAT TAB) with the graphical representation of the type of medicine into the dose pouch. In addition to that, we include the name & the dosage directions of those medicines on the pouch labels. For example: if you need to take 200 units of Huminsulin injection at 2PM then a FLAT TAB with an injection drawn on it will be included in your 2PM dose pouch and which injection and how much to take will be labeled on that dose pouch.

Q. Is it possible to add medicines once my CAREDOSE has been delivered?

Yes it is.

  • If you would like to add the new medicine(s) to the already delivered CAREDOSE refill then we can pick it up, repackage it and deliver it back to you at a nominal charge
  • If you would like to add the new medicine(s) from the next refill onwards, then we can incorporate the change and deliver the modified refills accordingly

Q. If I  try CAREDOSE & do not like it. Will you take the dispenser back?

We are confident that you will want to continue the service. However, in the slim chance that you don’t, it is your choice to return the dispenser

Q. What if my medicines change mid-course?

If your medicines change mid-course, like other pharmacies, we will not be able to refund you the amount for the leftover medicines. However, we can pick your CAREDOSE up, repackage it and deliver it back to you.

We recommend that If your medicines are likely to change mid-course , then you should opt in for a shorter duration of CAREDOSE. Typically, there is a 15 day gap in between 2 doctor visits. Hence, you can opt in for a 15 day CAREDOSE to begin with. You can switch to a 30 day CAREDOSE once your medicines have stabilized.

Q. Can I order my refill in advance if I am frequently travelling or for any other reason?

Of course you can. Just request for the same on the orders page on our app or call our helpline number

Q. How will I get to know how many dispensers I am receiving for my order?

You will be notified on the app when your refill is getting dispatched.

Safety & Privacy

Q. How will I get to know which medicine is being packed in the pouch?

CAREDOSE only includes those medicines and brand names that are written in your prescription. To check this you can either have a look at the

  • Label on the dose pouch that states the name of the medicines inside the pouch along with it’s expiry date
  • Label on the dispenser that gives a complete record of each medicine used, its manufacturer information, its expiry date and the dosage direction.

Q. How can I be sure that the process is error proof?

CAREDOSE has developed and patented a cutting edge automated multi-dose packaging robot - The DoseDroid. This robot has been developed to remove manual intervention from the process and negate errors. If you need more information you can reach out to us, we are happy to share more details of our automation with you.

Q. How do I get to know the expiry date of my medicines in the pouch?

We cut  the strips into unit pills so we do the following to ensure you get the information you need

  • Expiry date is printed in front of each medicine name on the pouch label of each dose
  • Each dispenser has a label that gives a complete record of each medicine used, its manufacturer information, its expiry date and the dosage direction.
  • The pharmacy invoice includes the expiry date of all the medicines provided along with other details

CAREDOSE only partners with those pharmacies that adhere to highest practise standards and only dispense genuine medicines of the highest quality

Q. Is your pharmacy reliable? How do we know that you are sourcing medicines from a reliable source/pharmacy?

We only source from certified and reputed pharmacies to ensure genuine medicines. Some of our partners include MAX pharmacies, Apollo pharmacies 98.4 and Meds24/7

Q. What is the guarantee that the medicines are genuine / not fake?

There is a 100% guarantee on this front. The service is being provided via select, exclusive partners like Max, Apollo, Meds 24/7, 98.4, who are very credible in the market.

Q. Will you be providing the same brand names of medicines that are written on the prescription or do you provide alternatives?

We only provide those brand names of medicines that are written in the prescription unless specifically requested by the patients for alternatives.

Q. Doctors have a bad writing, so if you can’t understand the medicines on the prescription what do you do?

  • We have a team of experienced pharmacists who read the prescription and are therefore used to the writing styles of doctors. But if there is still any doubt, the pharmacists call your doctor to confirm the medication.

Q. Who else will be able to see our data?

We believe in the highest standards for data security. Noone can see your personal data unless you specifically request for it. We have added a feature on our app in which you can choose your caregiver(s) or doctor(s) to share your data with if you want.

Q.How do we know that our data is secure?

  • CAREDOSE uses industry standard encryption in our servers and the app as well.
  • All communication is done via https (a completely end-to-end secured way to contact our servers)

Q. How do you use our data?

We do not use your personal data. CAREDOSE is an entity that has a broader aim of optimising healthcare services/deliveries and reducing wastage in the healthcare industry, across the globe. For this we analyse aggregate data, without any personal information, we collect from all our patients and develop data insights and industry reports.

Prices & Payments

Q. What are the courier charges if it’s an out of Delhi order?

This depends on the location of delivery, number of medicines & tenure/ duration of your refill. We can provide you the details once we know the same

Q. What is the price of the service?

The price of the service is ~INR 300 per patient per month but we work with selected pharmacies and partners who absorb the cost so the service is free for you!

Q. What are the modes of payment?

We accept payments via

  • Card/ cash on delivery
  • Online payment link
  • Paytm
  • Bank transfer & cheques

Q. How much discount are you giving on medicines?

Upto 20%. We partner with multiple reputed pharmacies and pass on the discount that they offer to their patients.

Q. Is the discount on medicines valid on those that are apart from the CAREDOSED medicines?

Of course it is, however at least 1 CAREDOSE must be a part of your order or you must be a regular CAREDOSE user to avail the discount


Q. I use a pillbox to manage my/ my family members medication, why is CAREDOSE a better option for me?

CAREDOSE is more beneficial than a pillbox for multiple reasons

  • Time saving: With a pillbox you need to sort the medicines out on your own while with CAREDOSE your medicines are delivered pre-organised & labeled by dose. Thus saving you precious time each week
  • Retaining effectiveness of your medicines:In a pillbox you sort you take your medicines out of the manufacturers packaging to place them in the dose compartments. This results in the medicine interacting with the environment along with other open medicines kept in the same compartment. This reduces the efficacy of your medicines i.e. by the time you take your medicine the effectiveness of your medicine reduces significantly. With CAREDOSE each unit pill is retained in the manufacturing thereby ensuring that each medicine retains 100% efficacy
  • Reducing errors: When you sort your medicines on your own it is prone to error whereas CAREDOSE is packaged using an automated system with multiple quality checks and also checked by our in-house pharmacists. This helps negate errors

Q. Do you provide any generic medicines?

Yes we do but only if it is mentioned in the prescription or specifically requested by the patient

Q. I have some leftover medicines with me, will you CAREDOSE those or only new medicines? If yes, how does it work?

We hate wastage and therefore we are happy to package your leftover medicines too. However, we like to do that for the 2nd refill as then we can pick up the leftover medication when we deliver the first refill, this helps us save time and resources.

Q. What if one or more of the medicines I need is not available? How will you manage that?

Our partner pharmacies are extremely well stocked and the probability of your medicines not being available at any of our partner pharmacies is negligible. In addition to that, we also work directly with distributors and/or pharma companies and ensure that if the medicine is available in the market, we will source it for you!

Q. You use plastic packaging. What are you doing to ensure CAREDOSE is eco-friendly?

Yes, we are using plastic for our pouches at the moment, but don’t worry, we are already transitioning towards an alternative material made from cornstarch. Additionally, until we do that, we are taking measures to ensure that we are eco-friendly even now. These include

  • The plastic used is recyclable and in accordance with the new law
  • We can arrange a pick up of your pouches and paper dispenser every month so that we can send it back to the manufacturers to be repurposed. If you would like to opt for this option, please call us on our helpline

Q. I use a pill reminder App, how is the CAREDOSE app more beneficial for me?

In a pill reminder App you have to fill in all the details of your medicines & the dosage directions, which is time consuming and prone to errors. With the CAREDOSE, your medicine details and dosage directions are automatically set up by use based on the prescription you share. And of course, with our App, you also get to use our service.

Q. How can I contact you incase of any questions or assistance required?

You can reach out to us via the following

  • Email:
  • WhatsApp: 8587803172
  • Call: 8061914280 or 8587803172
  • Request for assistance on our App and someone from our team will call you

Q. What should I do with the old dispensers which are with me?

We can arrange a pick up of your used paper dispenser and pouches every month so that we can send it back to the manufacturers to be repurposed. If you would like to opt for this option, please call us on our helpline