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CAREDOSE is a new, revolutionary way to manage your dose. It is the easiest way to buy and manage regular medication. Patients who take medication daily find it hard or inconvenient to take their doses as prescribed. CAREDOSE provides their monthly medicines in a simple dispenser that holds pre-organized dose pouches, packaged using a proprietary robot. For every dose time there is one pouch, labeled with dosage directions in the patient’s choice of language. When patients tear the dose pouch from the dispenser, CAREDOSE tracks that action and communicates it with the caregivers/ physicians.

At CAREDOSE, we are solving the problem of medicine non-adherence (not taking one’s medicines exactly as prescribed) and the lack of communication of it. Medicine non-adherence is a silent epidemic that impacts more than a billion lives globally and results in bad treatment outcomes, onset of additional ailments & an exponential increase in healthcare expenditure. As per the World Health Organization (WHO), 1 in 5 people in our country have at least 1 chronic ailment. 50% of those with a chronic ailment do not take their medicines as prescribed. What makes the problem worse is that close to 70% of the non-adherent chronic patients do not communicate their non-adherence to their doctors or caregivers and so nothing can be done about it.

Early on we realised that this problem not only impacts the patients but also every other stakeholder in the healthcare industry. This could range from physicians who face an unclear diagnosis and bad patient outcomes to health insurance companies who have to make large unforeseen payouts; from providers who face issues in supply chain and patient retention to pharmaceutical companies who lose out on potential revenues due to lack of adherence and tracking of it. The problem is a complicated one to solve and hence, we needed a modular, holistic solution for it. CAREDOSE aims to become the gold standard for managing regular medication.

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