Mr. Arun Pimpalwar admin July 27, 2023

Mr. Arun Pimpalwar

I am a retired government officer. I had my own retirement plans but these diseases had something else in their mind. Now I take several tablets in a day to keep my vitals in control. But old age has its own problems; I often get confused about which tablet to take at what time and mix them up frequently. My doctor too was angry with me for this. But then one day he only suggested me about Caredose. Oh! The life is so sorted now. I do not mix up my medicines any more. Caredose prompts me when I have to take what medicine and provide me pre-sorted doses. I could keep my parameters like blood pressure and HbA1c in control. Now my doctor is happy too. I really thank my doctor and the team of Caredose for this unique solution for this problem.